RodMaster Rod Caddy with Tackle Box & Fishing Rod Rack

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RodMaster Rod Caddy with Tackle Box & Fishing Rod Rack


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Organize, Carry and Store up to four rods and reels in RodMaster Fishing Rod Caddy. All types of fresh water rods fit in RodMaster’s adjustable gripper system. 
Do you want convenient Rod Storage solution? RodMaster is a portable Rod Rack that you can hang on the garage wall or in a boat!

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RodMaster Fishing Rod Caddy & Rod Storage SystemRodMaster Fishing Rod Caddy is also a portable Fishing Rod Rack. RodMaster has a flexible, adjustable gripping system that holds any type of rods and reels for fresh water fishing.

You’ve put a lot of money into your fishing gear, whether you’re fishing lakes in Minnesota or casting from fishing piers in the South. So why treat your investment like the kids’ volleyball net? But that’s what most of us do. We toss our fishing gear in the corner of the garage or basement: rods leaning against each other, spiders living in your spinners, sinkers tangling the lines into a web of trouble and frustration.

But with RodMaster, you can transport fishing gear without tangled rods and reels, so you’ll have more time to fish.

Your fishing experience will be more carefree and enjoyable every time, year after year.

And here’s a real bonus: Rodmaster includes a built-in tackle box. Now you’ve got organized, clean, protected gear AND a tackle box, all in one piece of equipment you can pick up with one hand.

After fishing, RodMaster Rod Caddy is a convenient portable Rod Rack too; just mount RodMaster on the garage wall or in the boat in its unique mounting system and your fishing gear is always ready to go when you are.  RodMaster Rod Caddy is a must-have fishing accessory that belongs in your arsenal of fishing products. RodMaster Fishing Rod Caddy is a great gift for those who like to fish!