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RodMaster Rod Caddy is not just a fishing rod carrier or Rod retainer- it’s a Fishing Rod Storage Solution too!

Lightweight, Sturdy & Adjustable

Lightweight, Study & Adjustable


RodMaster is a must-have fishing accessory that belongs in your arsenal of fishing products. It’s sturdy and versatile, yet lightweight, so even a child can use it.

The flexible, adjustable gripping system holds any type of rods and reels for fresh water fishing. Now you can transport fishing gear without the tangled mess.

After fishing, just hang RodMaster on the garage wall; it’s the most convenient way to store fishing gear. Year after year, your fishing experience will be enhanced every time and you’ll want to fish even more often.

Organize Fishing Gear in RodMaster Rod Carrier

No More Annoying Tangled Rods

No Hassle; Organized Fishing Gear!

Organize Fishing Gear!

Annoying Tangled Rods and Reels


For the sportsman, rods and reels are expensive and difficult to transport and store without causing costly damage.

RodMaster Rod Caddy will protect fishing gear from tangling and bumping and the RodMaster Cover safeguards your reels from dirt, dust and contaminates that get into the ball bearings.

Shore Fishing

Rods and reels never touch the ground!

Rods and Reels Never Touch the Ground!

No more dirty rods and reels on ground

Dirty Rods and Reels on the Ground


When shore fishing, there is usually nowhere to place rod and reels, so the only option is to hold the rod, or place the rod and reel on the ground. But with the sturdy RodMaster, you can leave your rod in the RodMaster, even when you’re fishing, so rods never touch the ground. No more tripping over rods or worrying about children getting tangled in tackle when you’re not looking. No more dirty, damaged rod and reels.

Mount Rods in Boat

Mount rods and reels in boat

Mount or Set RodMaster in Boat



You can mount RodMaster in your boat with RodMaster’s unique Mounting System, or just place the RodMaster rod holder inside your boat to keep your gear managed and organized. No more tripping over rods and reels in the bottom of the boat. Enjoy your time away, without broken rod tips, tangled line and hooks. RodMaster rod holder will keep your fishing equipment neat and organized.

Fishing from the Dock

Mount rods and reels, or place on dock

Mount or Set RodMaster on the Dock



When fishing from the dock, your rods and reels are held in RodMaster’s adjustable gripping system. You can secure the RodMaster to the dock with RodMaster’s unique mounting system and then angle a rod for hand’s free fishing. With RodMaster, you don’t have to hold your rods continuously, or lay them on the dock; you’re free to do other things – like read a book, talk on the phone or bask in the sun. Let RodMaster do the work, just relax and enjoy yourself.

RodMaster Rod Caddy is a convenient way to Store Fishing Rods!

No more cluttered garage!

RodMaster Stores Fishing Gear on Wall

Mount and store on wall!

No more cluttered garage!

Proper and convenient fishing pole storage is important. You’ve put a lot of money into your fishing gear, whether you are fishing lakes in Minnesota, casting from fishing piers in the South or trolling the rivers. So why treat your investment like the kids’ volleyball net?

But that’s what most of us do. We toss our fishing gear in the corner of the garage or basement: rods leaning against each other, spiders living in your reels, sinkers tangling the lines into a web of trouble and frustration.

It’s time to store rods and reels in an easy way. Fishing is about relaxing and enjoying the sport. Why start it by untangling lines — or worse, finding a broken rod tip or having to rebuild your reel – all because you didn’t have the most convenient way to store fishing rods.

Fishing Gear Storage!

Cut out the clutter and protect your reels

RodMaster protects Rods & Reels

Cut out the clutter. Improve safety. RodMaster fastens to the garage wall with a unique mounting system that keeps expensive fishing gear organized and

Unique Mounting system

Unique Mounting System

protected from damage. Keeping rods and reels off the floor is safer for you, your children and your guests.The RodMaster Cover protects your reels from dust and contaminates. This protective cover helps prevent continuous cleaning, destruction of reels and costly replacements.When your next fishing adventure arrives, just unhook the RodMaster from the mounting system and head out, hassle free.

The RodMaster Cover

Don't struggle carrying too much!

Carry Fishing Gear with One Hand!

Built-in tackle box, RodMaster Cover has 3 handy pockets

Too Much to Carry


The custom-made RodMaster cover has three large pockets to carry extra tackle, cell phone, suntan lotion, books or beverages. The RodMaster Cover protects your reels from dust and contaminates and the protective cover helps prevent continuous cleaning, destruction of reels and costly replacements.

RodMaster Ice Fishing System

Old Method of Ice Fishing

Using the old method tip-up system. Fishing from one hole and having to land fish with your bare, freezing hands.

New Method of Ice Fishing

RodMaster Ice Fishing System holds two rods and reels, so you can fish from two ice holes instead of just one.




RodMaster’s unique flag release pops up when there’s a fish on the line.


Remove your rod and reel from the RodMaster and land your fish with your rod and reel instead of using your bare cold hands!

The new RodMaster ice fishing pop up system will change the way people ice fish. Out with the old method and in with the new!

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