RodMaster is more than a Fishing Rod Caddy!

With RodMaster, you’ve got well-organized, clean, protected gear and a tackle box, all in one piece of equipment you can pick up with one hand!



RodMaster Cover
by RodMaster

The custom-made RodMaster cover fits over the RodMaster fishing rod caddy. With the waterproof cover, you can carry extra supplies and tackle in the 3 large pockets. The RodMaster Cover also protects your reels from dust and contaminants.



RodMaster Ice Fishing System

The New Method of ice fishing is with RodMaster’s unique flag tip-up system. Fish in two ice holes instead of just one and land the fish with your rod and reel.



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RodMaster Ice Fishing System

RodMaster is more than just a fishing rod caddy

& more versatile than a 

fishing rod rack!

Don’t start your fishing trip by having to repair or replace expensive fishing equipment; it’s a waste of precious time and money. Here’s the solution: RodMaster Rod Management System.

RodMaster is a way to transport up to four rods and reels in a sturdy, adjustable rod caddy that keeps your fishing gear tangle-free and protected. And, as a bonus, RodMaster includes a snap-in tackle box, so  your fishing gear is all in one device. But RodMaster is more than just a portable fishing rod caddy, fishing rod carrier, fishing rod retainer or fishing rod holder; no, RodMaster is much more versatile than that.

If you like shore fishing, you how dirty and damaged your equipment can get. But with RodMaster, your rods and reels stay off the ground, clean and protected. RodMaster does the work for you; it’s a very convenient and easy-to-use fishing rod holder. Now you don’t have to hold your fishing pole all the time, or lay it on the ground to trip over. When you get a bite, just remove your rod and reel from RodMaster and land the fish.

But that’s not all. RodMaster is an easy and convenient way to store fishing rods. After fishing, just hang RodMaster on the wall, or in your boat, in its unique mounting system. Rods, reels and tackle are kept organized, untangled and protected from damage.  Additionally, RodMaster is not just a stationary fishing rod rack that permanently fastens to the wall, or in your boat. RodMaster is portable fishing rod caddy, so when you’re ready to go fishing again, just remove RodMaster from the wall, or boat, and all your fishing gear is ready to go when you are.

RodMaster helps eliminate the usual hassles of damaged fishing equipment, transporting rods and reels and fishing rod storage problems. With RodMaster, you’ll have a more carefree and enjoyable fishing experience every time!

Chris Kuduk, Hall of Fame Tournament Fisherman says, “I believe the RodMaster is not only the best fishing rod carrier, but also the most versatile and best fishing rod storage solution I’ve seen!”

Another must-have fishing accessory is the custom-made RodMaster Cover that fits over the RodMaster. The waterproof cover protects your reels from continuous cleaning and damage and the three handy pockets can be loaded with extra supplies, so leave that big tackle box at home. Just rig your fishing pole, pack RodMaster’s snap-in tackle box and load the three pockets in the RodMaster cover with more tackle and supplies. All your fishing gear is in one piece of equipment you can transport with one hand.

RodMaster has a new and innovative ice fishing product: The RodMaster Ice Fishing Tip Up System. This ice fishing holder, or ice fishing caddy, holds up to two ice fishing rod and reels. The RodMaster Ice is another versatile fishing accessory that enables you to fish with two lines in two ice holes, instead of just one. And when you get a bite, you can keep your gloves on – just remove your rod and reel from the RodMaster and pull up the fish with your rod and reel instead of using your bare, freezing cold hands.

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“Never before has there been a Rod and Reel Management System like RodMaster. This product is an absolute must have for every fishing enthusiast in the world! I was hooked on RodMaster the first time I saw it!” – Pete Johnston, Tournament Fisherman