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RodMaster Product Testimonials!

I don’t have extra time to spend getting ready to go fishing with my three boys. With RodMaster, we can just go.
Natalie J.
I was tired of having to repair or replace rods and reels year after year. With RodMaster, I don’t have to anymore.
Philip V.
I buy RodMaster products to give away as thank you gifts when I work on customer’s cars. Everyone loves getting one.
Ken C.
Like to fish, but don’t like the prep work. RodMaster makes it easy.
Troy A.
We used to set rods and reels in the dirt when shore fishing, but now I secure RodMaster to the ground. RodMaster keeps my fishing gear safe and clean.
Patrick F.
My wife hates a cluttered garage. Now I store rods and reels in RodMaster on the wall. When Mama’s happy, everybody’s happy!
Jeremy S.
Fishing is more fun when we don’t have to work so hard! I recommend RodMaster! Bravo!
Jolie A.
RodMaster holds four fishing poles separately, so fishing gear doesn’t get tangled and the snap-in tackle box carries what we need for a day of fishing.
Brian C.
My kids used to get hurt from hooks when they tried to untangle rods and reels, but with RodMaster, we have organized fishing gear.
Stacy S.
RodMaster mounts on my garage wall for easy rod and reel storage. For an obsessive-compulsive like me, that’s very cool!
Ty C.
Never want to fish without RodMaster. Period. It’s the best thing since the fillet knife!
Noah W.
RodMaster is a great way to organize fishing gear. It hangs neatly on the wall in our garage without tangled lines and hooks.
Janae V.
I mounted RodMaster on my dock. Sometimes I fall asleep, but having my fishing poles secured saved me many times!
Jake W.
I just grab RodMaster off the wall and I’m ready to go fishing.
John S.
RodMaster makes it easier to take my kids fishing without the tangled mess that takes hours to unravel before we can even cast the first line.
Tom K.
I mount RodMaster in my boat and it keeps my fishing gear together so we don’t have to worry about tripping over rods and reels.
Jeff W.
It was hard to lug around my fishing poles. Now, with RodMaster I can easily carry them without all the tangled mess.
Kevin C.
Transporting my fishing gear from the garage to my vehicle and then to the lake was a pain, but with RodMaster, it’s easy. My kids love to carry RodMaster.
Joshua S.
Whether fishing from a dock, boat, or shore, RodMaster is a wonderful fishing accessory and I enjoy fishing even more now.
Greg O.
My kids love to carry RodMaster to the lake.
Jana S.
Ice fishing tip ups are a challenge. In the freezing cold, I hated pulling up the fish line with my hands. With RodMaster, now I can use my rod and reel to land the fish.
Ken W.
I can use two rod and reels in RodMaster’s tip up system and now I can fish in two ice holes at the same time.
Paul J.
At last! RodMaster Ice Fishing System is the way ice fishing is meant to be!
Christian F.
Just bought 4 RodMaster Rod Management Systems with covers and two RodMaster Ice Fishing Systems. Great products!
John O.
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