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RodMaster Ice Fishing Tip Up System & Rod Storage


RodMaster Ice Fishing Tip Up System holds two ice fishing rods, so now you can fish from two holes instead of one. The unique flag release pops up when you have a fish is on the line. When that happens, remove your fishing pole and land the fish with your rod and reel instead of using your bare, cold hands.

*slush stand sold separately


RodMaster Ice Fishing Tip Up System is a New Method of ice fishing.  Ice Fisherman know it’s a real hassle untangling tip ups and landing fish with bare hands. Well, here’s some good news, RodMaster Ice Fishing Tip up System eliminates these typical time consuming irritations and your ice fishing experience will be more relaxing and productive. Here’s why:

With RodMaster Rod Caddy, you can carry two ice fishing rods and reels in flexible, adjustable grippers so you can fish from two ice holes instead of just one.

RodMaster Ice Fishing Pop Up has a unique flag that tips up to alert you that a fish is on the line. Instead of using your bare, cold hands to land the fish,  just remove your ice fishing pole from the RodMaster and land the fish with your rod and reel.

Want an ice fishing rod storage solution too? RodMaster is a very convenient way to store fishing rods. When you’re done fishing, just hang RodMaster on its unique mounting system on the ice house or garage wall. All your ice fishing gear stays organized, protected and ready for your next ice fishing experience. With RodMaster Ice Fishing Caddy, you’ll have a more carefree and enjoyable fishing experience every time!