Tips for Freshwater Fishing Success

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Tips for Freshwater Fishing Success

There are dozens of different freshwater fish species, each requiring different skills and techniques to help you catch them. There are also different types of water that you might encounter that call for different styles of fishing, such as colder water or running water you might find in a river. There are some freshwater fishing tips and tricks that almost always hold true.

– Regardless of whether you are fishing in a lake, pond or river, always try to fish first where the water level changes from shallow to deep. Fish often gather in these sections to search for food.

– Shiny lures can be effective at times, but using a matted metal lure can avoid glare that can blind a fish and scare them away.

– Night crawlers are great for beginners who want to use live bait, but the bigger fish love insects such as grasshoppers, locusts or crickets.

– The middle of the day is usually not a great time to catch fish. Sunrise and sunset are often best if you want to catch a lot of fish.

– Try to cast close to shore or near fallen trees, as fish love to hang out in these areas. Instead of casting over your head, try to learn to cast side-armed when fishing in these spots to avoid trees and other obstacles.

– Always do your research before fishing in a new spot. This can include some simple online searches to find out what kind of fish are common in the body of water you’re visiting. You might also check the local paper to see what the fishing conditions are like on the day you’re planning on going.  Another great way to find out where the fish are is by asking questions at the local bait and tackle shops to find out where the fish usually hide.

– Look for areas with moss or other aquatic plants, because this is where fish go to find much of their food. If you can show the fish food that’s better, or at least looks better than what they usually get in the case of plastic worms or artificial bait, you will probably catch some fish.

– Be patient. Fishing is not a high action sport. If you’re someone who likes constant activity, then fishing is probably not for you.

One of the most exciting and common freshwater species is the bass, whether largemouth, smallmouth, or even the striped bass. All species of bass put up a good fight and they are all very fun to catch. Most of the tips and tricks above will work for bass, but it may take a bit of experimentation to see what works for the bass and larger fish where you are. Bass like live and plastic worms, and they may also bite if you are using a small spinner. Once you learn to catch bass, you can pretty much catch any freshwater fish.

Remember that each body of water is different. Never assume that what worked in one pond, lake or river will work the next time you go fishing. Freshwater fishing is challenging and it takes a lifetime to master, but it is also incredibly rewarding.


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