RodMaster Rod & Reel
Management System

With RodMaster, you’ve got well-organized, clean, protected gear and a tackle box, all in one piece of equipment you can pick up with one hand!



RodMaster Cover
by RodMaster

The custom-made RodMaster cover is a must-have fishing accessory. You can carry extra supplies and tackle in the 3 large pockets and the RodMaster Cover also protects your reels from dust and contaminants.



RodMaster Ice Fishing System

The New Method of ice fishing is with RodMaster’s unique flag tip-up system. Fish in two ice holes instead of just one and land the fish with your rod and reel.



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RodMaster Ice Fishing System

RodMaster Rod & Reel Management System​!

With RodMaster Rod and Reel Management System, you can organize, carry and store fishing equipment, so it’s ready to go when you are, proving a more carefree and enjoyable fishing experience.RodMaster is a way to transport and store up to four rods and reels in a sturdy, adjustable housing that protects your gear and easily mounts on a wall or boat when not in use.And here’s a real bonus: RodMaster includes a built-in tackle box. Now you’ve got well-organized, clean and protected gear AND a tackle box, all in one piece of equipment you can pick up with one hand.


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“Never before has there been a Rod and Reel Management System like RodMaster. This product is an absolute must have for every fishing enthusiast in the world! I was hooked on RodMaster the first time I saw it!” - Pete Johnston, Tournament Fisherman